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Being a lawyer requires thick skin[1] and the ability to smile and shrug off a barrage of lawyer jokes.  The word “Whiplash”, along with images of ambulances and cervical collars, provides quipsters with plenty of material for their jokes.  However, as an attorney who has dedicated his professional life to representing the victims of auto accidents and truck accidents, I can assure you, in all sincerity, that Whiplash injuries can trigger significant and disabling neck injuries as well as crippling post-traumatic headaches.

Some of the largest automobile insurers spend millions of dollars each year in an effort to convince the general public that the victims of low speed rear-end collisions with disabling injuries are fakers and frauds.  However, a fair review of the medical literature provides fact based and medical based evidence that Whiplash injuries are complex injuries requiring specialized care and treatment.

The medical community recognizes Whiplash as a significant medical condition.  Whiplash is actually the mechanism of injury.  Better terms for Whiplash are Traumatic Cervical Syndrome and the Cervical Acceleration/Deceleration Syndrome.  The National Institutes of Health (NIH) defines Whiplash as:

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