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The rise of the e-cigarettes or vape pens brings with it a host of dangers-and not just those associated with addiction. Increasingly, we are learning that the composition of the e-cigarette or vape pen itself actually makes it dangerous to its users. A recent case out of Texas showed first-hand the dangers of e-cigarettes, and the tragic consequences that can accompany their use. In this instance, a young man was killed after using a vape pen, where the battery failed and caused the device to explode.

The Texas case is not an anomaly, either. In recent years, e-cigarette or vape pen explosions have occurred with rapidly increasing frequency, including 31 incidents within the Navy, many of which occurred due to battery explosions.

Lithium-ion batteries power e-cigarettes or vape pens, and it is these batteries that are largely responsible for the explosions and injuries that e-cigarettes have caused. A report by the US Surgeon General explained that when a lithium battery is overcharged, it can create something known as thermal runaway, which can lead to the battery catching on fire and becoming a projectile.

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