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Mass Torts

Mass tort cases are somewhat different than class action lawsuits, and typically involve claims against a drug or product manufacturer. Mass torts involving defective drugs or products can cause many different types of injuries. In mass tort cases, groups of lawyers and law firms often represent multiple plaintiffs against a single manufacturer. These nationwide networks of lawyers will work together and will share expenses and share information. At Mirick O’Connell, our mass tort lawyers work with these nationwide networks to make sure you will receive fair compensation for your injuries. Mass torts come in all shapes and sizes, some of which attract news headlines and other which do not. Examples of mass tort cases include:

  • Mesothelioma;
  • Asbestos;
  • Cases against opiate manufacturers;
  • Talcum Powder;
  • Wellbutrin;
  • DePuy Hip Implants;
  • Stryker Hip Implants;
  • Hernia Mesh;
  • Pelvic Mesh;
  • Vaginal Mesh;
  • Abilify;
  • IVC Filters;
  • Roundup;
  • Invokana;
  • Zofran;
  • Risperdal;
  • Equifax Data Breach;
  • Clergy Sex Abuse; and,
  • Las Vegas Shooting.

These are just a few of the hundreds of active or recently settled mass tort actions. By coming together, Plaintiffs are able to get more information, dedicate more resources, and build stronger cases. It is easy to see how multi-billion dollar corporations may be able to defeat single Plaintiffs simply by draining their resources. In the case of mass torts, Plaintiffs are able to work together and level the playing field. These combined resources are very valuable in mass tort cases, as experts are very expensive, there are often millions of pages of documents to sort through, and corporations employ large teams of lawyers.

The mass tort lawyers at Mirick O’Connell are strong believers in the idea that people who are injured in the same fashion should come together and hold the companies who injured them responsible. Throughout history, this willingness to bring mass tort cases has led to real positive change. Twenty years ago, people were getting tragically injured in Ford Explorer rollovers. Because of the lawsuits brought by injured people, cars are now safer. More recently, people were getting “metal on metal” hip replacements, and having horrible side effects. Thanks in large part to mass tort litigation, these dangerous hips are no longer in use.

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The stakes in mass tort cases are very high, and the cases are often complex. That is why it is important that if you or a loved one has suffered an injury from a defective product, a defective drug, or any other mass tort to call us today. If your mass tort injury occurred in Worcester, Massachusetts, or anywhere else around the country, the mass tort attorneys at Mirick, O’Connell, DeMallie & Lougee can help. We have represented mass tort plaintiffs for people in Worcester, Framingham, Springfield, Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, Newton, Fitchburg, Leominster, Lowell, Lawrence, and throughout Massachusetts. Through our network of mass tort lawyers, we can handle mass tort cases throughout the country. Please contact us at 800.862.9588, or use our online form to speak to one of our mass tort attorneys today. We will show you what it means to fight the big corporations with a big law firm.

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Several things stand out to me about Tom, but the most important thing to me was how quickly and professionally he responded to all my needs and his kindness and empathy to my situation. D. B.
Just want to express my personal thanks to Tom Flaws for his professional handling of my difficult case when I fell six years ago. He never gave up the fight to prove that it wasn't my fault. He helped me settle my case out of court fairly. Many, many thanks. A. D.
When I was in a car accident, I wanted an attorney who understood what my injuries meant to my health, my career, and my family. I called Mirick O'Connell because they are reputable and knowledgeable. Attorney Bassett listened to my concerns and guided me through the process. I was able to re-coup my losses due to my injuries. I would highly recommend Mirick O'Connell to anyone involved in a law suit. K. B.