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Tom Flaws represented me and was always available to guide me through a stressful and sometimes, confusing process. The responses from Tom concerning my many questions were answered in a timely manner and he was always willing to explain the unknowns to me. I would highly recommend hiring Tom for your representation needs.

- R.T.

Had an amazing experience here working with Tom Flaws, and the whole team. Every part of the case was handled in a timely and professional manner. Throughout the case, Tom communicated the happenings of the case on a regular basis, as well as the next steps. He was very open to questions, and was happy to talk over anything that was not clear. Truly an amazing group of people to work with!

- M.T.

I had a devastating and life altering injury to my dominant arm after a fall. Attorney Tom Flaws represented me in my personal injury case.

Several things stand out to me about Tom, but the most important thing to me was how quickly and professionally he responded to all my needs and his kindness and empathy to my situation.

The accident happened on a Saturday afternoon. My son had called Tom the evening of my accident. I did not get home from the trauma unit at MGH, Boston until 4:00 a.m. the next morning. Tom called me that very next day on Sunday. He listened attentively to my recollection of the incident and made notes of all the details.

As a result of my accident, I had a dislocated ulna and a shattered radial head and torn ligaments to my elbow on my dominant left side. This required two surgical procedures two weeks apart and many weeks of MD visits, physical therapy and visits to help with my emotional needs as a result of this accident. I was out of work for two months.

Tom took care of everything, I didn't have to do one thing other than tell him what had happened to me. He gathered all of the information about the accident, ambulance and medical records from two hospitals and rehab having to do with my care. He also gathered information from my employer and collaborated with my insurance company as well.

Tom arranged for a deposition in a timely manner. He made sure I was at ease with what I was going to experience in the deposition, and during the deposition he was very caring and helpful to me.

Six months after the deposition, Tom and I met with the defendant's lawyer and a mediator; the case was settled at that very day. It was only a matter of a few weeks before I received the settlement check.

Attorney Flaws went over and above to help me receive as much of the settlement money as possible. You see my employer was self-insured, so the of the amount that was paid for my medical care was expected to be reimbursed to my employer. Attorney Flaws worked with my employer to receive forgiveness for part of my medical bills. This enabled me to retain more of the settlement money than I would have otherwise, had he not stepped in and advocated on my behalf. (As a side note, Attorney Flaws did not deduct his contractual percentage from this additional amount either!)

Attorney Tom Flaws is a highly professional and competent lawyer, as well as a caring man, who put my personal health and welfare as well as my financial needs above everything else. I am grateful to Attorney Tom Flaws, his legal assistance made a huge difference in my life at a time when I really needed it.

D. B.

Just want to express my personal thanks to Tom Flaws for his professional handling of my difficult case when I fell six years ago.

He never gave up the fight to prove that it wasn't my fault.

He helped me settle my case out of court fairly. Many, many thanks.

- A. D.

When I was in a car accident, I wanted an attorney who understood what my injuries meant to my health, my career, and my family. I called Mirick O'Connell because they are reputable and knowledgeable. Attorney Bassett listened to my concerns and guided me through the process. I was able to re-coup my losses due to my injuries. I would highly recommend Mirick O'Connell to anyone involved in a law suit.

K. B.

I feel very fortunate to have been introduced to Edward Bassett, Jr. by a close friend. I had fallen on an untreated, icy sidewalk in downtown Boston, shattering my elbow, and I needed help with the extensive medical bills I subsequently incurred. Over the course of the next 3 years, I was lucky enough to get to know Edward well. He was responsive, returning calls the same day. He literally went out of his way to meet with me, driving to my home because I was unable to drive with my injury. I found him to be impeccably honest, direct, and fair -- a rare professional who develops personal relationships with his clients and TRULY cares about them. Edward went out of his way for me, and I will never forget his considerable skills and genuine kindness. It's not often you encounter a businessperson like him, but when you find one, you keep him for life!

- C. D.