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Verdicts & Settlements

Ted Bassett Verdicts and Settlements Record Setting Traumatic Brain Injury Case $22,650,000 million

Verdicts & SettlementsTed Bassett represented a young woman hit by a drunk driver who was on his way home from a local bar. The young girl sustained permanent brain damage with memory loss and cognitive deficits. The defendant was sentenced to eight to ten years in jail. Ted sued the drunk driver and the six bars where he drank before the accident. Ted obtained a judgment totaling $22.65 million—which was reported to be the largest personal injury judgment in Worcester County, Massachusetts.

Premises Liability Accident Results in $2,200,000 Settlement

Ted Bassett successfully prosecuted a case against a landlord who negligently failed to inspect the sliding glass doors in a second floor apartment.

Victim of Drunk Driving Accident Awarded $2,000,000

Ted Bassett also obtained a judgment in the Worcester Superior Court for $2,049,867.00 for the victim of a drunk driving accident.

Interstate Truck Accident Results in $2,000,000 Settlement

Ted Bassett secured a $2.1 million settlement for a client injured when a Canadian Trucking Company failed to properly secure a cargo of lumber. It was later discovered that the truck driver was fatigued and had falsified his logbook.

Motorcycle Driver Recovers $900,000

Ted Bassett settled a personal injury case for a motorcycle driver even though the police reconstruction team concluded that the motorcycle had crossed over the center line. Ted assembled an accident reconstruction team which proved that other vehicle crossed the center line.

Electrocution Case Results in $895,000 Settlement

Although plaintiff was injured in a foreign country, Ted Bassett successfully negotiated a settlement in the Federal District Court of Massachusetts for the injured plaintiff.

Amusement Park Injury Results in $600,000 Settlement

Ted Bassett has been an advocate for safety regulations at amusement parks. Quoted in the Boston Herald, I don’t think anybody can give a rational reason why amusement parks should be exempt from regulations when the safety of our children is at stake.

Cable Car Accident in Canada Results in Confidential Settlement

Ted Bassett secured confidential settlements for three clients injured in a freak cable car accident in Canada. The case was featured on Canadian National Television.

Defective Toy Case Results in $270,000 Award

Court approved an award of $270,000 for child who was injured by a dangerous toy which had been the subject of a recall by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Confidential Settlement in Louise Woodward Case

Ted Bassett served as co-counsel for Drs. Sunil and Deborah Eappen in the well-publicized wrongful death case of Matthew Eappen v. Louise Woodward (British nanny).

Tom Flaws Verdicts and Settlements Construction Site Accident - $2,910,000

Tom Flaws represented a brick mason who was working on a construction site. After a morning coffee break, the brick mason walked along “outrigger” planks, which were laid on scaffolding 27 feet above the ground. As the brick mason stepped on a plank, it was not secured on the opposite end, and had no support. A “trap door” effect was created, and the brick mason fell to the ground below.

Soon after the fall, the Plaintiff sued the general contractor. The Plaintiff claimed that the general contractor was negligent in leaving a plank unsupported, and creating the trap door. Attorney Flaws and his firm hired four (4) experts to support these claims: an engineer, a doctor, a vocational rehabilitation specialist, and an economist. These experts provided valuable testimony in showing the errors of the general contractor and the seriousness of the Plaintiff’s injuries.

As a result of the fall, the brick mason suffered serious injuries, and spent two weeks at Massachusetts General Hospital before being transferred to a rehabilitation facility. He suffered multiple fractures in his back and shoulders, tore his rotator cuffs, and underwent a number of shoulder surgeries. Because of the shoulder injuries, the Plaintiff was unable to lift his arms over his head, meaning he could never go back to being a brick mason.

The case settled after two mediations.

Car Accident and Dram Shop / Negligent Alcohol Service - $600,000

Tom Flaws represented a taxi driver who was working late at night, and driving a person home through Boston. As the taxi driver drove through a green light, a vehicle ran a red light at an intersection and hit his taxi. The taxi driver was hit with such force that he lost his left eye.

The Plaintiff initially sued the car driver, who had only limited insurance. Through investigating the case in depth, Attorney Flaws learned that the driver who ran the red light had been drinking alcohol at a Boston bar. After years of hard fought litigation, Tom Flaws was able to establish that the bar in Boston had policies it was supposed to follow before serving alcohol, and the bar did not follow those policies.

At mediation, the Plaintiff taxi driver settled the case with all Defendants. The insurance company for the Defendant driver paid its policy limits, and the insurance company for the bar made a substantial contribution.

Client Reviews
Several things stand out to me about Tom, but the most important thing to me was how quickly and professionally he responded to all my needs and his kindness and empathy to my situation. D. B.
Just want to express my personal thanks to Tom Flaws for his professional handling of my difficult case when I fell six years ago. He never gave up the fight to prove that it wasn't my fault. He helped me settle my case out of court fairly. Many, many thanks. A. D.
When I was in a car accident, I wanted an attorney who understood what my injuries meant to my health, my career, and my family. I called Mirick O'Connell because they are reputable and knowledgeable. Attorney Bassett listened to my concerns and guided me through the process. I was able to re-coup my losses due to my injuries. I would highly recommend Mirick O'Connell to anyone involved in a law suit. K. B.